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Third Eye Blog


First Annual Colorectal Cancer Advocacy Group Directory – 2013 »

August 7, 2013
Do you remember the Greek myth of Sisyphus? The lasting image for me from this tale is that of the condemned king punished for eternity to roll a large Read More


Black Bean Salad »

February 15, 2013
This is a simple salad that, once assembled, can be added to several meals. I like to have taco seasoning on hand to season a large batch of ground meat. Read More

Blueberries in basket

Berry Cobbler »

February 8, 2013
Blueberries are a super food because of the color and fiber content--a 1/2 cup has the same amount Read More

Foods with fiber for a healthy colon

Parsley Polenta »

February 1, 2013
This is a unique creation that wins over many who say they "hate" polenta or grits and has become a favorite within my circle of family and Read More

types of polyps and adenomas

Apple Crisp »

January 25, 2013
Virtually everyone I know starts out the year wanting to eat healthier. Here's a treat to help transition yourself away from extra sweet holiday foods. Each baked large apple has Read More


Baked Oatmeal »

January 18, 2013
This cozy recipe is great for a weekend brunch--after (or even before) an invigorating walk or hike. If you need (or are choosing) to eat a gluten-free free diet, this would Read More

start of the colon as viewed during colonoscopy

What’s a good colonoscopy? Part III »

January 10, 2013
Great questions from WBUR Boston NPR Reporter Martha Bebinger In her recent blog post Ms. Bebinger poses Read More


What’s a good colonoscopy? Part II »

January 9, 2013
Great questions from WBUR Boston NPR Reporter Martha Bebinger In her recent blog post Ms. Bebinger poses several Read More

Whats a good colonoscopy by Martha Bebinger

What’s a good colonoscopy? Part I »

January 8, 2013
Great questions from WBUR Boston NPR Reporter Martha Bebinger In her recent Read More


Hoppin’ John Soup »

January 4, 2013
It's tradition in several cultures to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck and prosperity. Don't fret, if you missed January 1st earlier this week, you can still do Read More

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