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What is a Third Eye® Colonoscopy?

Looking back could save your life

Here’s how the revolutionary Third Eye colonoscopy detects more precancerous polyps, helping to minimize your risk of colorectal cancer.

A colonoscopy (kole-un-AH-skuh-pee) (commonly misspelled colonscopy) is an examination of your large intestine, or colon. This is an outpatient procedure that is performed to evaluate and even treat many problems, such as abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. It is also recognized as the most complete and accurate way to screen for colon cancer.

While colonoscopy is well recognized as the gold standard for colon cancer screening, like most procedures, it’s not perfect. Studies have shown that 21%–24% of adenomas and a significant number of cancers can be missed during colonoscopy, mainly due to folds in the colon wall.(2-4) The colon has many folds in its inner lining and contains many sharp turns or flexures. The areas behind those folds and flexures are difficult to see with a traditional colonoscope.

The advanced Third Eye colonoscopy procedure now allows your doctor to easily see behind the folds of the colon. A good analogy of how the Third Eye  device works is the rear view mirror of your car. Much like the rear view mirror allows you to see behind the car, the Third Eye device adds a tiny camera that looks backwards to let your doctor detect adenomas and other polyps hidden behind folds in the colon wall.

Multiple studies have shown that the Third Eye device provides an improved rate of detection for precancerous polyps.(5-10) Most recently, a large study from multiple clinics showed that Third Eye colonoscopy increases the detection of precancerous polyps by 23% over traditional colonoscopy. In patients with a greater risk of colorectal cancer, those with a history of lesions in the colon and those who had signs or symptoms such as blood in the stool, the study showed Third Eye colonoscopy increased detection of precancerous polyps by over 40%.(10)

ThirdEye Colonoscopy Procedure

In this actual image from a Third Eye colonoscopy, a large adenoma (highlighted by the red circle) was hidden behind a fold where it was missed in the colonoscope’s view (on the left) but detected in the Third Eye Retroscope’s view (on the right). By providing an additional camera during your procedure, the advanced Third Eye Retroscope device may help to minimize your risk of colorectal cancer.

How It Works

All colonoscopes have a “working channel” through which physicians can insert instruments to remove polyps or obtain samples of tissue in the lining of the colon. The Third Eye Retroscope is passed through the working channel of the colonoscope until it extends beyond its other end.

As it emerges from the channel, the tip of the device automatically turns around 180 degrees to aim back toward the end of the colonoscope and the physician locks it into place. Then, as the colonoscope is withdrawn from the colon, the Third Eye device comes along with it, providing a continuous backward (or “retrograde”) view that can reveal polyps that are located behind folds in the wall of the colon.

The physician observes the forward view of the colonoscope and the retrograde view of the Third Eye Retroscope simultaneously on a display monitor.

In patients at greater risk of colon and rectal cancer, Third Eye colonoscopy increased detection of precancerous polyps by over 40% over traditional colonoscopy.(10)

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