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Preparing for Your Exam

When you schedule your colonoscopy procedure, you will receive a detailed list of instructions from your doctor. To prepare for the exam, you will need to empty or flush out the bowel so your doctor can see the lining of the colon clearly.

Preparing the colon (i.e. bowel prep) may take anywhere from one to three days, your doctor will provide specific instructions regarding dietary restrictions and other preparation steps. Preparation may include the following:

  • Special liquid diet the day before, limited to liquids such as water, tea and coffee without milk or cream,
    broth, fruit juice, and carbonated beverages
  • No eating or drinking after midnight the night before the exam
  • Laxative in pill or liquid form as prescribed by your physician; most physicians are now recommending a “split prep” with half the evening before and the second half the morning of the procedure.

Preparing for Colonoscopy

Make sure to discuss any medical conditions you have with your doctor. If you are on medication, especially for diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems, you may be asked to adjust the dosages or stop taking these medications temporarily.

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