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What to Expect

During the exam

In most cases, the procedure is performed using conscious sedation, which means that you will be awake but will feel very relaxed, and there is usually minimal or no discomfort. Colonoscopy is performed as an outpatient (same-day) procedure.

Your doctor will examine the colon lining while slowly removing the colonoscope. Starting at the end of the small intestine, all of the colon—including: ascending, transverse, descending, rectum, and anus—are viewed. The camera sends video images to a screen so your doctor will be able to detect any polyps. If your doctor sees a polyp, it can be painlessly removed through the colonoscope tube.

Colonoscopy procedures are typically performed by specially-trained doctors including gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons. These physicians are often referred to as endoscopists or colonoscopists.

After the exam

After the exam, you will need to recover from the sedative, which can take about one to two hours. Be sure to arrange to have someone drive you home. Most people can go back to their normal daily activities the next day.

Your doctor will give you a complete list of instructions before you go home.

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